Collin Coyle

About Me

My name is Collin Coyle and I am currently a senior at Austin High School. I am the
son of Christopher Coyle and Erin Fisher. I have 4 step brothers and 1 step sister. My
step brother’s names are Alex, Stephan, Edward, Benjamin and my step sisters
name is Christina. I have lived in Austin for my entire life. My hobbies that I enjoy
the most are running, biking, hiking, swimming, and fixing computers. I participate
in both cross country and track during the school year. On the weekends, I spend
most of the time working at Hy-Vee. This upcoming October will mark my third year
working there and I think that it is crazy that I have stuck with this job since
freshman year. After high school, I plan on starting my education at Riverland
Community College and then plan to transfer to a university after I complete my associates degree.
I am hoping to major in business, so taking this class will give me a better idea of
what everyday business is like and hopefully I will stick with this option. I am very
excited to see what this class has in store for me and all the knowledge that I will
obtain from this class.

About My Business