Today we met with Marty Helle. Marty is one of the partners at Hoversten, Johnson, Beckman, and Hovey, LLP which was founded in 1950. At their practice they represent private clients and the city of Austin. Marty started in Austin in 2001 working in general and family litigation and later moved into real estate and probate. Some key takeaways from this morning include:

- Students learned about the importance of all members of the team and how that supports the completion of the legal tasks at a law office.
- Students came to understand the many roles of the administrative staff, paralegals, and lawyers.
- Marty gave the students great tips on how to start their business and what to consider legally for themselves as they do this.
- He shared that as a lawyer you need to be able to manage stress and be able to separate from the work after it has been finalized in order to keep balance in your life and job.

Marty answered questions and provided great information to our students! We appreciate the continued support of Hoversten, Johnson, Beckman, and Hovey! Austin Public Schools Pacelli Catholic Schools

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