About Us
Hewan Dagmawi is an Austin High School senior. She's involved in both student counsel and AVID/AVID Tutor. She is a signed model with Caryn Models outside of school! She enjoys traveling and taking photographs in her spare time. Hewan has committed to majoring in Entrepreneurial Studies at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in order to better grasp the business world and develop her s@hewanddennih

Denni is a high school senior and planning on taking a gap year to travel and then attending Riverland Community College using the assurance scholarship to earn a business degree.

About my business
HD|DH hair and skin is a pendulum of the founders Hewan Dagmawi & Denni Heimer. HD|DH Hair by Hewan Dagmawi actively strives to create hair care products for hair types often left out of generic companies. Our products are unique because all our ingredients are certified organic. Unlike other brands that claim to be "all natural," our products include no chemicals. Find us on Facebook and Instagram! @hewanddennih
Denni Heimer is the co-owner and skin specialist of HD|DH hair and skin. HD|DH curates all organic and biodegradable products to aid and protect against harm done from generic products. HD|DH skin products are made for all skin types and sensitivities. Inspired by her apothecaric knowledge and the importance of biodegradable and safe products. You can find them on Facebook (@HD DH), Instagram (@hewanddennih), and tiktok (@hd._dh).

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