We spent the day visiting St.Thomas University and the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship. It was a wonderful day that was made possible through our former CEO student, Emma Keenan, a Schulze Scholarship recipient. It was excellent to see her thriving in her new environment! Students toured the campus, engaged in activities with other schools, and attended presentations by current students.

Students participated in design thinking with a partner and it was wonderful to see them interact! They learned so much, but a few takeaways were:
Creative confidence is:
- The ability to share unfinished work.
- The ability to tackle unclear problems without defining them.
- The ability to participate in things you are not good at.

An important piece of advice was about how to address problems: to solve the problem we first need to understand the person. Students worked with a peer on understanding each other and then working to create a prototype.

Additionally, students were able to the Fowler Business Concept Challenge. They attended sessions where current students presented 30 second pitches for business and social ventures. They further were able to view presentations from the finalists where they presented their companies in the competition.

Thank you to St.Thomas for this amazing opportunity to learn about your program! Pacelli Catholic

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