Reflections from a former CEO student. Please share with anyone interested in applying! Applications are open until Friday, April 16th!

I was accepted into the Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) Program for my junior year. This program educates youth to become entrepreneurial thinkers and contribute to economic development and sustainable communities. The members of the community are the teachers and the community is the classroom. In addition to learning from business owners, learning about compromise, and doing group projects, you also start your own business. Not only does the class take you through the fundamentals of business, it allows you to discover yourself. Through this program I realized the community around me is always willing to help and we couldn’t have been successful without this support. I felt grateful to be surrounded by a loving community that praises the support of local businesses.

Keen Bee Honey is my biggest achievement, but the ways I grew were bigger achievements. I became familiar with problem solving with a partner who was also a close friend even through a pandemic. I was able to stand up for myself, my time, and my ideas. I realized that you can’t do anything alone, especially surrounded by people that want you to succeed. I faced numerous challenges, but nonetheless, I am a successful entrepreneur and for that I am proud.

I owe CEO a huge thank you for all of my college acceptances. Thousands of students applied to the same colleges I applied to and many of those students all have the same stats as me, the same GPA, the same class load, the same ACT score, etc. However, those are just numbers. They do not define who you are and are definitely not a reason for college admissions offices to think that you will add to the diversity and harmony of that school. You must set yourself apart and CEO students have the perfect opportunity to do so. I was accepted into Emory University in Atlanta which is the 20th ranked school in the nation and 10th ranked for their business school. I strongly believe that CEO and Keen Bee Honey were a big part of the reason I was accepted. With CEO, you can achieve more than you could’ve ever imagined.

The biggest piece of advice I can give to AHS students is to apply to the CEO program. It is truly the best thing that I have experienced as a student. You don’t need to have an interest in business to take CEO because you learn about so much more than that. It will benefit you no matter what you have planned for your future as well as provide guidance if you have no idea what you want to do. After reading this, I hope you will consider applying for the CEO program next year if you are currently a sophomore or a junior. Talk to Emily Hovland or any current students/CEO alumni. Apply at
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